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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 11, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> and i'm cheryl jennings robin williams pronounced dead in his home in paradise cay neighborhood we begin outside of the house with more on the death. >> we're across the street here
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on st. thomas drive the first flowers have now been placed here at the gates of robin williams home here on the water front in tiburon. a lot of fans and neighbors are just showing up. many people just getting the startling news the iconic conmedian, and movie star was found dead here today. this is where sheriff's office fishls responded following a 911 call, williams dead of an parent suicide he was last seen a live at this house 10:00 p.m last night with his wife. a lot of fans are showing up here and cheryl lipskee is one of them. you're feeling the loss today. >> he was an icon, and awesome. a genius. funnier than anyone i know. in the business.
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>> a lot of people took pride in knowing he lived here in marin county in, the bay area and also in san francisco, too. tell me about that. i know you saw him on the road. >> just, you know saw him on the road once driving with his son and you can tell he didn't want notoriety. i saw him once in the city. ask it was only i was there for someone else to see. the lights went out, and when they came back on, it was him there instead when he was doing pop eye. his arms were buffed out. yeah. it's just tragic. when he lived in cliffside we went by for hall wean with my
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son. >> you wanted to pay respects. >> you feel like you need to. though you didn't know him personally. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the family has requested that no one park in front of the robin williams home here. you can see orange cones placed. robin williams car is still in the driveway. a lot of neighbors saying he was a quiet, private man. folks would see him riding his bicycle up and down st. thomas drive. a news conference by the sheriff's department is scheduled tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m reporting the death. >> the news was just so sudden for all of the fans and sadly for those that knew him, for
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fans that loved him. >> he is a huge actor. the sheriff's office says an autopsy will be performed including a toxicology exam. with such a big imprint on the entertainment world is a big loss to his fans and those closest to him. his wife issued this statement, i lost my husband and best friend. i'm utterly heart broken. his media representative commented. robin williams has pass away. he had been battling severe depression of loss the coroner says the cause of death was as fixation.
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according to the sheriff's department he was last seen home at 10:00 last night. today, just before noon a 911 call him in, a man unconscious, not breathing. by noon, paramedics made it into the house and conducted a short examination. he was pronounced dead at 12:02, identified as robin williams. the bay area comedian ryan copeland shared us details with his first meeting with williams. . >> i started doing comedy at age 18 in 1982 and met him on clement street. the first week i was doing comedy. he had a film role. i'm an 18-year-old kid, he was just this kind, and generous. >> another local cometic who knew williams says he's a true
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legend. >> it is like a bob hope of another generation or a jack penny. it's that kind of respect for the time spent. >> now this is standard the sheriff's department says there will be an investigation and autopsy is part of that. results of that may take sometime. president obama issued this statement about 20 minutes ago talking about williams one of a kind talent and personality. mr. obama said he arrived in our lives as an alien. and ended up -- >> we seemed to have lost sergio there. president obama said of williams he arrived in our lives as an alien but ended up touching every element of the human spirit. he made us laugh, cry, gave us immeasurable talent, freely to
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those who needed it most from troops to marching beginalized on our own streets. that statement from president obama. >> i want to read you a tweet from comedian bob sagat. he says his heart was as big as his genius. >> you can see here varied roles robin williams touched our lives throughout the years. looking at the top, "flubber" and a "a night at the museum "." mrs. doubt fire " the man was so gifted and talented in a variety of movie roles." really one of a kind, cheryl. >> one famous name you might know, rob snyder says without robin williams there won't have
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been a comedy scene in san francisco. robin paved the way, the best of all of us. nice compliment from rob scneider. >> steve carrell tweeting robin williams made the world a better place, r.i.p. this is the posh sea cliff neighborhood. williams began his career just a short distance away. he used to make surprise appearances at annual comedy competition at golden gate park. >> now, the home used in that famous movie "mrs. doubt fire". >> it's at steiner and broadway. and robin williams was a big giants fan. he was a big sports fan as well. >> a lot of people going to giants game still have not heard the news yet. yes he was a giants fan.
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it's interesting. someone makes you laugh or cry, if you never met him, he touches you in a deep way. and let show footage from october of 2010 at the ballpark. >> please give it up for academy award winning actor and giants fan, robin williams. >> good evening, san francisco! are you ready? then give it up for 2010 national league western division champions. >> he loved them. he loved the baseball team and everyone loved him he loved a crowd we talked to those people tonight going to the game. >> such a creative genius.
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i was a child of the 80s he was our favorite. just remarkable. >> what a huge loss. his humor, intelligence, sensitivity. >> he died a lonely man. >> but a funny man. years ago, i played in a charity basketball game with robin williams. i was a sear kwus basketball player at that time. he was a better comedian than a basketball player. we're in a full gym and somehow, just took over. and by the end of the night it was a one-man comedy show. no one will remember the score but will remember robin williams
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was spontaneously funny for the entire game. >> abc7 news reporter allen wong is in tracy, speaking to fans there. >> it doesn't have a great memory of robin williams as a kid watching "happy days" he was first introduced as an fonzie.ith an epic battle with so great it launched "mork & mindy". it aired on abc. seems like everyone has a special memory of him on a movie or tv show. >> i remember him from "mrs. doubt fire". >> "mork & mindy". >> you can tell he loved what he did.
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and was genuine.çó >> i will say "jumanji". >> just on your feet kind of machine in comedy. just funny. if you didn't laugh at first, you did, and you couldn't stop. >> lots of times we try to interview people in parking lots, they're too busy. today i had no trouble talking to anyone. had a memory of him from when they're a kid over the past four decades, incredible loss. >> allen, thank you. and michael finney has personal stories >> our kids went to school together
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we were not close, but you know you go to another dad and say hello. we knew each other, neighborhoods close to each other. robin was kind of around. my daughter, you found a tweet from kelly? >> yes. talking about how she will miss seeing him jogging. she used to jog and he was an avid jogger in you neighborhood. and this is one of the interesting things. aconsiders many different generations. she's 16. we have people in their 80s that would think of him as a come immediatic icon. and just crossing all boundaries. >> he was the pillar he sat on community boards up at the school for kids' activities. at halloween at his house it was a big deal. so i said earlier i couldn't remember what it was he gave away but i knew it was something cool. i've had would responses so far.
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one was he gave out those glow necklaces one year and hung out and shaking to kids that came up. so then, toothbrushes one year. >> for halloween, yes. >> that is a message, right? >> yes. >> he did it. he was a casual guy when i saw him. we kept talking about how wild he was all the time. a great interview for you. >> yes. it wasn't -- it was a one-question interview. the next ten minutes would be robin going on a rip. you didn't have to ask a lot. his brain would jump to one subject, to another, to 14 different accents in contrast to school meetings. >> yes. it was casual. watching his kids, hanging out how about you, cheryl?
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he showed up to one of your big events? >> to raise money for children in the tender loin. he was, couldn't have been nicer. he got there early, stayed late and talked to everybody. and got thrown in a pool to raise money for the kids your daughter is 16. when i was a kid reporter i remember jonathan winters. i got to cover them together at a show. in san francisco. and i just showed up with a camera. we just aimed it at them. like hi, my name is -- we don't care. >> was this the hungry eye? >> no. downtown at symphony hall. remarkable. >> unfortunately jonathan winters as well as robin suffered from depression. >> they did. >> we see a lot of land up comedians about that.
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>> that is interesting that brian never spotted that in him. ever. >> yes. he never saw that. >> we all wear masks in show business, michael, thank you. >> sure. >> well, robin williams posted an instagram. this was his last post. wishing his daughter, zelda happy 25th birthday. look at the image. that is when we're both young, back in the day. >> i'm just choked up just a moment here seeing his little girl there. imagining thoughts are going through his mind when he posted that. how difficult this must be for her. goodness we'll have more on the life of robin williams coming up at 6:30. also, a special edition of abc7 news, a look at his amazing
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career, movies and stories from the people who knew him. we'll be right back. no rush, andy.
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a family fears confirmed when stockton police announced the hostage killed during last week's rampage was hit and killed by police gunfire, hit with ten shots in all. that and other new information
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tonight. laura? >> hi, larry. there was a tremendous amount of gunfire during this incident. 700 rounds in all. in a hill less than an hour, most of it fired by police, who confirm today the hostage that died that day was shot by law enforcement. this was an unspeakable human tragedy. >> we have a hostage. a hostage. >> get down, get down. >> policekwj chief confirmed th hostage who died after a frightening gun battle was killed by police. >> my personal belief is that assailants were intent on killing people on that day. whether to stop them or not was not an option they had to be stop. >> misty singh's family says quote, the family was saddened to learn the information concerning misty's death. the manner her life was taken
7:21 pm
raises serious questions and concerns. one of three hostages taken during an attempted robbery july 16th. after one hour gun battle, two hostages got away. two of three gunman, killed. police say the suspects fired about 100 rounds and 200 found unfired. 33 police officers fired 600 rounds, hitting holt-singh. the family has not filed any legal actions against the city. >> at a water task force meeting san francisco mayor says the city could set limits on use of water. this morning, mayor ed lee suggested time for rationing. 2014 has been california's driest year on report. the city has a two year supply
7:22 pm
remaining and the mayor says it's important to get ahead of the problem. >> kind of like what we're done with earthquakes. and have to train people to start recovering now. >> the city has not established a timetable. >> it's dry, most of the north bay placed under a red flag fire warning. national weather servicelp iss another one for napa tonight starting at 9:00. we're live with increased fire dangers there, tonight. >> increased fire danger because of the dry brush you can see around me. one storm can produce a lot of lightning. u.s. forest service recorded 955 strikes in siskiyou county.
7:23 pm
a bolt can turn brush into choking smoke, fire and ash. tonight dry lightning could strike here, in napa. >> we have a wood house, so it's a concern. >> there is nothing you can do to prevent mother nature. >> dry events are worry some. >> national weather service issued a warning including risk of lightning without rain and wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. dangerous systems started in sierra mountains >> we're getting active lightning. we do have new fires starting. >> with crews overwhelmed the unit deployed a fit strike team to help. >> we've been overñi a week now and have been called back for
7:24 pm
duty. and so, yes. . >> the ba tallin chief expected this fire season would be bad tonight, he hopes it doesn't get worse. >> we're hoping it doesn't happen. if we don't have the event, it will be a good thing for everyone here. >> if dodging a strike, relief won't come until the rain. in napa, tiffany wilson, abc7 news >> lightning ignited 34 new fires in california in 24 hours. they're all very small. and forest fire has burned through more than 9500 acres of timberland. farther north, new evacuation
7:25 pm
orders were issued near the town of etna. >> and these are fears coming to fruition, wondering when is it going to rain? when are we going to get water? >> fuels are in these locations they can ignite fires. that is a concern spreading into the bay wear. and so let's get down to the weather here. sunny skies at the moment. dry around the bay area. clouds off shore. let's focus on thunderstorms. they have been numerous. lots of lightning strikes into parts of the far northern part of the state of california. red flag warning tonight.
7:26 pm
and expires for this region of northern california including three north bay counties of marin, napa, and sonoma. our conditions are calm, blue skies towards mount diablo. we'll see areas of drizzle overnight. there is a minimal chance of lightning strikes and warmer here by mid week. and we expect the threat of thunderstorms to have vanished by then. upper level low moving into our direction. could trigger areas of drizzle overnight. and there will be clouds pushing through the coast inland by mid day, we'll see sunny skies and threat of drizzle goes
7:27 pm
away. lows into mid to upper 50s and a chance of drizzle near the coast. then, by afternoon, we'll look at sunny skies and lingering skies. cooler than normal at this time of the year tomorrow. and mid to upper 80s thursday, friday, inland locations. upper 80s to around the bay. and high temperatures in that range throughout the weekend, into next week. >> thank you. >> okay. >> more still to come tonight here on abc7 news at 6:00. more on the live of actor robin williams, including a look back at his career putting williams using his unique talents to help others >> speaking of icons you may recognize this san francisco
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homemade famous in the movie homemade famous in the movie "mrs. doubtf
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>> we continue our coverage into the death of comedian robin williams. christine zee was next to him,
7:31 pm
robin, when interviewed i took over in total control of the microphone. a lot of us had those experiences but listening to five minutes of robin williams is more fun than listening to me. >> i don't know. >> yes. yes. >> it was amazing. >> we agree. >> he just had a laser-quick mind his career as an actor spanned decades. reporter michelle turner takes a look at his life. >> his comedy was his trademark public persona. he proved himself an oscar winner with a strong philanthropic side. in his 20s he was unleashed as an american tv star. as mork, in "mork & mindy".
7:32 pm
>> the actor unveiled his dramatic side in "the world according to garp". >> i was trained as an actor. it's not like they have to medicate me. >> that serious side earned him oscar nominations. "good morning vietnam" and "dead poets society". he won his oscar in 1998 for "good will hunting". >> this one, yes the others were just foreplay. >> williams never stopped being funny, even when topics seemed serious, helping launch and co-hosted eight telethons to help the homeless. >> men who sleep with chickens and the women who love them. >> cometic relief earned $50 million. and when talking about his
7:33 pm
battles with drugs and alcohol he talked about it with humor. >> we're drunk. it's nice of you to say that. >> in 2009 he was rushed to the hospital with heart problems, forced to cancel his one-man show to undergo surgery. he talked about recovery on "the ellen show" >> he have heart surgery, they crack the box. you're like a kitten. then, you get emotional about everything. that is the way of a wonderful thing. it opens you up to everything. >> he sprang back into action. in 2011 made a broadway acting debut starring in "bengal tiger" at baghdad zoo. third year, marrying his third wife, susan snyder. in 2013, williams returned to the small screen, starring in "the crazy one"
7:34 pm
he would reunite with his old friend, pam daber, better known as mindy. from stand up to sitcom, williams would delight audiences with wacky humor and joyful energy the definition of full of life. and now, this legend is destined to endure. >> it is. >> you can see, you look at those roles so diverse, so talented. this is such a tragic loss. >> it is. and the man who got to meet him on many occasions don sanchez interviewed robin williams several times and joins us by phone now, hey, don. >> is don there? >> yes i found out what happened. he was such a man of many personalities i interviewed him for a film called "night lifter". it was very serious
7:35 pm
he was so serious in the interview. no laughs. another time, for "mrs. doubtfire" he was all over the place. i was waiting in line there to interview him. he goes up to george lucas. robin says we have to do the interview. because don is there. that is duncan. he was funny. that is what you're finding with many people, that you talk to, very private man. our friend nancy was with him on the second edition of "aladin" in southern california and palm springs saying this she's taking this hard she tells stories about him he just would never stop. saying he was just a hilarious
7:36 pm
guy. there is just something magic about him. he was really mork, but there is that darker side we're finding that out today. he is a legend. someone from our era that isn't going to being for gotten for a long time. >> don, you interviewed hundreds of stars, celebrities, comedians throughout the years. can you remember anyone similar to robin williams in terms of bredth of talent? >> oh, my gosh. i don't think so. there isn't anyone i can recall in contemporary who had that kind of range from hilarious and stream of consciousness and going on and on. i can remember sitting in clubs in san francisco years ago when he was still this up and coming. he'd be in the audience sitting next to jay leno. there is nobody gaving me more
7:37 pm
pains in my stomach from laughing than he did. and in other films so doggone serious. >> other comedians are giving him credit for creating comedy scene in san francisco. what are your thoughts on that? >> there is no question. holy city zoo. you know? when working on new material, they'd have a fake name on there. he encouraged people to perform. you're right he got his start here from his days in marin in the city. until he made it big into l.a. and he'd keep it going. it's important. then, he'd show up places and
7:38 pm
surprise people. and this is, he was just a special guy >> really was and a huge loss. thank you. >> great reflections and great to hear don's voice again. beloved 1993 film "mrs "mrs. doubt fire" put one san francisco home on the map. >> vic lee joins us where parts of that film were picked. >> this is 2640 steiner street. that is where they filmed "mrs. doubtfire". do you know what is strange? they used the real address of the house in the movie. and usually they use fake addresses. in this case they used 2640 steiner. a lot of people in san francisco knew where this house was.
7:39 pm
you've all probably seen the movie. for those that haven't it's where he actually disguysed himself as a british nanny to get back into good graces of his wife, sally fields who thought he was useless and irresponsible because he didn't have a job. and that is a way to get back in the good graces of his family, which he ultimately did. other interesting thing about this movie and house is that it was occupied by hillard family. sally fields and robin williams actually used the name, hillard. it's an interesting place we thought a lot of people would know where this house was because they used a real address. and bingo. we're right. come over here this is reid mcconnell from minnesota but live here in san francisco. >> yes. four years now.
7:40 pm
>> how did you know this house was here? >> i had heard it was around the same you hear about houses by alamo square. and i knew i wanted to come here and see it. >> to your respect? >> yes. yes. >> robin williams fan? >> yes. yes. and too late for the whole mork & and mindy. i loved his stand up. i owned them on orange vhs tapes. >> i don't know but i am happy in a way. just a great comedian. his movies were good. stand up was truly his best. >> yes. >> and such a shame to see this happen.
7:41 pm
he brought happiness to many people. >> thank you very much for being here. >> and you're one of six people taking pictures. bronwn is that why you came here? >> to cover the house for my blog. >> are you a fan? >> huge robin williams fan? >> what is your favorite movie? >> "good will hunting". there are great movies he was a san francisco icon. it's a huge loss. so sad ask touching to see people bringing flowers. and this is so sad, thank you very much. >> so bronwyn and reid are two people at this sad occasion.
7:42 pm
people loved robin williams and his comedy. >> it speaks to the brilliance of robin williams, you can see two fans, a young man, in his early 20s and the young woman, a little bit older. his talent touched everybody. >> his genius was amazing. he was trying to sell his sprawling home in napa. and sits on 653 acres with vineyards and olive groves and 20,000 square feet. >> yes. five bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, library, theater, climate control sellers asking price was $29 million. it had been for sale years ago. and listed again. just shows you money is not everything. when dealing with depression, it
7:43 pm
doesn't matter, the possessions you have. it's a demon that rushing lurks in so many. we'll have more on our web site, pictures of him and the interview with brian copeland who spoke with williams last friday. and hey pal? you ready?
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a hem hit by a plane is getting a makeover thanks to a community of volunteer that's raised money and did construction work. it's a new beginning for a palo alto family who lost their home after a small plane crashed into it. it's a story you'll see only on abc7 news. lisa jones can hardly believe what she sees. a small plane crashed into her house after striking power lines from palo alto airport. with no funds to rebuild, her nightmare lasted four years.
7:47 pm
>> it's been heart breaking and hard to see her not only being out of her home, but not having her livelihood. >> lisa jones operated a licensed day care facility in her home. so losing the house cutoff her income. so the house was boarded up nearly four years. that is when friends decided to raise money, $280,000, they partnered with a nonprofit group rebuilding together peninsula, with 25 years of experience with contractors, suppliers and builders chipped in $100,000 worth of goods and services and now, what has been destroyed by the crash and fire is days from final inspection. >> that is what people just stood back with tears in their eyes and everything. just a sense of pride they had helping out the community. and seeing this project to completion. >> help came from students on summer vacation, and volunteers
7:48 pm
who heard the story that wanted to help her get reestablished. >> this week, lisa is going to be able to move back into her home. and being able to move back in is just a goal we've had for this year. and we're thrilled. >> there is no one more thrilled than lisa jones. >> there is not a word the feeling is, you can't express. it's been four and a half years. i have not been home. >> with the house almost complete, the final phase will be rebuilding backyard play area so she can get back to operating a day care facility. >> doctors need your help identifying a man in his 20s and 30s just wearing pants and shoes no wallet. he's six feet tall, 150 pounds with dyed blonde hair, green
7:49 pm
eyes. and no marks or tattoos. san francisco general is looking for his family. >> a family is looking for a sail boat. the captain says all three are safe and in good condition they called for help after their boat became disabled and started taking on water yesterday. they're on a voyage from stockton to hawaii the ship reached in but had to delay the rescue until conditions improved, today. >> disney junior was in the area to teach the importance of volunteering. at the event, workers taught lessons about environmental conservation, showing how positive actions can benefit others. for ideas on how your family can give back to the community just go to our web site. and disney is the parent company of abc7. >> let's check on the
7:50 pm
accu-weather forecast. >> here is live doppler 7 hd showing clouds and sunny skies over the remainder of the bay area now. state wide, hot weather in the state, thunderstorms rumbling over sierra nevada once again. temperatures mid-60s on the coast. low 80s into warmest locations here is the accu-weather forecast. may see drizzle lingering into early morning hours. there is a remote chance of isolated thunderstorms. afternoons sunny, bright, high temperatures inland mid to upper 80s around the bay, upper 70s and mid-60s >> spencer, thank you. >> sure. >> now we've been following the
7:51 pm
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good evening, 49ers and ravens wrapping up the third day
7:54 pm
of practices. head coach pleased with the results both teams get a chance to faceoff with one besides they're own teammates. they get engaged by younger players getting out of their comfort zone. coach harbaugh saying it could not have gone any better. >> tight ship, and ideas that i like. we'll bring back to our program as well. we've got better, but there is more so than what they thought. this is a great from so many pluses, plus, plus, plus. and areas for us. >> now, phil mickelson's finish earned him a spot on the rider cup team. caking questions on whether he'll take tiger woods tiger battling a bad back.
7:55 pm
and >> i don't make this comment loosely he is tiger woods and brings a lot to the team. if he ability to play and is healthy. he brings a lot to the team. and i would be a fool not to consider him. >> a's in kansas city. trailing in the third. bases loaded that ties it at two. that is our score right now. this abc7 news sports has been brought to you by orchard, supply, hardware. >> talking about robin williams today. all of us crossed paths with him at some point or another. your thoughts? >> i worked in radio mid to late 80s we did comedy there. he'd come in and just, he would three hours like waits nothing.
7:56 pm
like everybody has been saying you bring up two subjects he'd go on for hours and hours a talent we're trying to think who is like him. these days jim carrey might be a guy with the same manic fun but it's an unbelievable talent. he will be missed. >> spencer had a couple times to meet him on good morning america. >> yes. in the 90s just throw one top wrik on this guy, he can go on, forever. and as if he was from another world, working so quickly i like to mention that he was a brilliant dramatic actor as well. went to juliard. so giving to other cometics. and everybody you would talk to would say he did so much for my career. >> incredible loss. abc news is preparing a special 2020 report on the death of
7:57 pm
robin williams airing tomorrow night at 10:00 right here on abc7. >> we have a lot more on the extraordinary life of robin williams just ahead here at 7:00 on a special edition of abc7 news his movies and fridays from the people who knew him. so, we're going to be joining that program in about 15 seconds. right now we have to leave you for just a little white. >> yes. >> we'll keep you posted on that. as tweets keep coming. up next, at 7:00, a special report. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent! but my friends are learning skills that can change a life. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at
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